Road traffic, barking, door- or church bells - these are only a few sounds that accompany us every day. For tinnitus-affected with increased sensitivity to noise, however, these sounds are not only distracting, but almost unbearable. They suffer from a morbid sensitivity to normal volume sounds of the environment.

This illness is called hyperacusis. In order to tackle the causes of hypersensitivity to everyday sounds, a so-called hyperacusis training with a noise generator is administered. Under this treatment the patient learns to deal with the environmental sounds, step by step and in a playful way. A relaxed attitude toward sounds and noises is regained and the person affected regains a vast amount of quality of life.


Our goals are based on the needs of patients in accordance with the application of modern medical research results in order to meet the expectation for an optimal treatment outcome.              

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General examination

During the general examination, the doctor focuses on the following areas:
- Ear and hearing / balance
- Nose and paranasal sinuses
- Mouth and throat
- Laryngeal, neck

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Methods of Therapy

In the treatment of chronic tinnitus (lasting longer than 3 months) psychotherapeutic methods (ex., tinnitus-retraining-therapy) and acoustic treatments are available...  

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