Dizziness is always a main symptom of various illnesses. Above all, the cause must be treated. Dizziness is mostly caused by a malfunction of the organs of equilibrium located in the inner ear. Another vital task of the vestibular system is to control the eye movements.

Nevertheless, throughout the diagnosis and treatment process, it must be considered that not only the vestibular system is responsible for the dizziness.

Condition for the normal function of the equilibrium system 

One of the requirements  (preconditions) for the normal function of the vestibular system       

is the outgoing of the two equilibrium organs symmetrical "input" of motion information to the brain. This system processes the information of the peripheral (outer) vestibular organs and carries out a central compensation. This compensation mechanism is constantly active, for example, if we are lying down, standing, sitting or walking.

In our practice, the various forms of vertigo are treated through:

  • physical history
  • general information about the disease
  • prescription of medication
  • the instruction of personilized vertigo exercises (postural and position exercises or repositioning maneuvers eg Epley
  • the recommendation of physiotherapeutic and/or psychotherapeutic and possibly surgical measures

With a medically induced vertigo therapy, one can differentiate between a prophylaxis, i.e. the prevention of vertigo symptoms, and an acute or long-term therapy with preexisting dizziness. The VRT exercises based on head and body movement are a method for the treatment of positional vertigo, by supporting the central compensation. Surgical therapies are generally not necessary in vertigo.


Our goals are based on the needs of patients in accordance with the application of modern medical research results in order to meet the expectation for an optimal treatment outcome.              

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General examination

During the general examination, the doctor focuses on the following areas:
- Ear and hearing / balance
- Nose and paranasal sinuses
- Mouth and throat
- Laryngeal, neck

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Methods of Therapy

In the treatment of chronic tinnitus (lasting longer than 3 months) psychotherapeutic methods (ex., tinnitus-retraining-therapy) and acoustic treatments are available...  

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