General info on high-pitched buzzing sound / ringing in the ears / ear noises (tinnitus)

Ear noises / Ringing in the ears / High-pitched buzzing sound (tinnitus) is a symptom that has different causes and can basically occur concomitantly in almost any ear disorder. Inflammatory, tumorous and drug-toxic causes, mechanical and acoustic causes can also cause tinnitus. The character of the ear noises (ex. beeping, hissing, rustling) and the intensity of the tinnitus (barely audible to very loud) are perceived differently by those affected and rarely allow conclusions to be drawn about the underlying cause.

Tens of thousands of people in Switzerland are currently expected to be waiting on a tinnitus therapy, which focuses on curing or at least reducing the whistling, ringing, roaring or buzzing noises in your head. According to the Swiss Tinnitus-League about 4% of all adults suffer with these sounds that have accompanied them for at least 3 months.

Generally, it must be distinguished between acute tinnitus (symptoms existing for less than 3 months) and chronic tinnitus (longer than 3 months).

Because of the diverse causes of tinnitus a thorough diagnosis and classification of the patient is always decisive for the compilation of a personal therapy program.

Information for Patients (Tinnitus - What is it? Tinnitus - Where does it come from? Which are the therapy options?)


Our goals are based on the needs of patients in accordance with the application of modern medical research results in order to meet the expectation for an optimal treatment outcome.              

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General examination

During the general examination, the doctor focuses on the following areas:
- Ear and hearing / balance
- Nose and paranasal sinuses
- Mouth and throat
- Laryngeal, neck

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Methods of Therapy

In the treatment of chronic tinnitus (lasting longer than 3 months) psychotherapeutic methods (ex., tinnitus-retraining-therapy) and acoustic treatments are available...  

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